Street Party 07/07/2013

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July 31, 2013 by MrChairman


I spent a smashing afternoon in Christchurch performing two very different sets at a private ‘Street Party’. The first set was in the style of a ‘tea dance’ using my two HMV 102 wind-up gramophones and it was lovely to hear some of the senior members of the party talking about their own musical memories, from over winding gramophones and changing needles after each play, to breaking their favourite shellac. And the ‘pleased as punch’ looks they gave when correctly guessing the singer of a particular song (Alma Cogan – ‘I can’t tell a waltz from a tango’).
The second set was a ‘Wheels of Steel’ special, and it was great to see different generations tapping hands and feet and singing along to Nancy & Lee’s version of ‘Jackson’ or the smiles and conversations about the ‘Rainbow theme’ and the surprising round of applause Van Halen’s ‘Big Bad Bill (is sweet William now)’ got! But the precious musical memory I will take away was at the end when one of the party goers came over and wanted me to have his late wife’s vinyl collection and the beautiful moments we spent discussing the collection while he played CD’s of his favourite music. I know that this little business is never going to set the World or my bank balance on fire, but sharing musical memories with people of all ages is one of the best jobs ever.


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